Zoom Info

Join Zoom Meeting Link

Meeting ID: 946 5827 1521 (No Password)

Please share this link with the people you want to join in the chat. Please remind them that it’s a chat between your child and Santa! Santa will maybe interact with some of the guests, but he can also mute them!! lol

Virtual background

Please download this image if your computer, mobile, or other device can handle adding a virtual background to the chat. It’s not an issue if you can’t use it. (It can slow some devices, so if you’re not sure, don’t use it).

Please check that Zoom works on the device you are going to use. You are welcome to join the meeting beforehand (out of sight of the children). You will go to the waiting room, so you will not interrupt the meeting that’s going on. (Santa will see you pop in, but probably won’t be able to interact with you). If that works ok, then it should be ok when the meeting starts properly.

You download Zoom and find useful information on their web site: https://zoom.us/