Peek Inside Santa’s Grotto with Google’s Step Inside

Step Inside

Would you like to know what it looks like to step inside Santa’s Grotto? With the magic of the internet, one of his Photo Elves has managed to put a tour of the Grotto on Google’s Street Map so you can “Step Inside”! (Just drag the mouse as you would on Street Maps and click the arrows to go on further)

The Photo Elf thinks that the “Step Inside” service would be very beneficial to many businesses around Maidstone and Kent.

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Imagine you could invite your customers to explore your business, from any location at any time. With a Google “Step-Inside” virtual tour with Street View technology, they can do just that! Interactive virtual tours showcase the details of your business like never before. The images appear on Google Search results, Google Maps, Maps for Mobile, and Google+ Local, and they invite new customers to see your business. And with the use of a VR headset or Google cardboard – you ARE inside!

The world’s favorite search engine is Google and is the first place customers turn to when searching for local businesses. By commissioning a “Step Inside” virtual tour of your business, you will have increased exposure in Google’s Search, Maps and Plus sites. With the addition of the call to action: “Look Inside/Outside” on your Google listing, clients browsing the web will click through to have a virtual tour of your business.

A Google Step Inside Tour represents an unprecedented marketing opportunity for your business. At just a fraction of the cost of a print, radio or TV spot! Your tour will be online indefinitely – and the cost per click? £0. Monthly fee? £0. Your Tour will be hosted on Google’s servers – free of charge!

CLICK HERE to find out more about Google’s Step Inside!

Step inside with a Google Trusted Photographer