Saving Christmas

Well, if it’s one thing everyone has learned from this year, it’s adapting to situations as they present themselves! And my clever IT Elves have certainly earned their candy-canes this year! And will probably save the day and make this Christmas so very magical for so many little ones!

Now with the latest restrictions in place, we needed to find a better way to get you to chat with Santa. And the solution is at everyone’s fingertips. A “ZOOM” meeting directly to you, in the comfort of your own home.

So click on the link and book your time slot to chat with Santa at the North Pole. You can have up to four children and as many adults as you like to join us in the meeting.

We will have a lovely chat with each child. Maybe play a game or sing a Christmas song or two. We may even ask the grown-ups to join in as backing singers!

I will of course re-assure the little ones that I will be delivering presents on Christmas Eve (But rest assured, I will be double checking my Lists!)

The Elf & Safety Officer in The North Pole, Frosty Sparklepants, will be letting me take my sleigh out on just one night this year and one night only! That way I can get the presents delivered that my Elves have been building all year.

So ask your grown-ups to click one of the buttons to reserve a time slot for you. (If you had a canceled appointment for my Grotto in The Mall Maidstone, there will be nothing else to pay!)

We will have a lovely chat. You can tell me how good you’ve been this year and what special present you want me to bring you on, Christmas Eve. You had better tell me if you have a chimney or not – I will then remember to bring my magic key with me!

My booking elves will send your grown-ups a Zoom meeting link. You will go into the waiting room first, and as soon as I’m ready, you will join me and we’ll have a lovely chat. We can even have Nanny and Grandad join us.

My elves will also make available a virtual background you may be able to use on your device during the meeting. (Not all devises or operating systems are able to change backgrounds)

In the meantime, please be safe and have a Very Merry Christmas

Ho! Ho! Ho!