Santa 2020

Well what a year we’re having! At one stage, Old Santa here, thought they might have to cancel Christmas! Not if I’ve got anything to do with it though!

Of course, even Old Santa has to obey the Coronavirus restrictions. I’ve not been able to do my usual fly-bys to check that everyone has been good this year. But I have other ways of keeping my Naughty & Nice Book up to date!

So the Elf & Safety Officer in The North Pole, Frosty Sparklepants, will only let me take my sleigh out on one night this year and one night only! So which night do you think I am going to choose? Let me think! Of course, it’s got to be Christmas Eve! How else will I get all these presents my Elves have been building during lockdown, to all the children.

But that leaves me with a problem, if I can’t get down to Maidstone to my lovely Grotto that’s in The Mall. How an I going to see all the lovely boys and girls there!

But worry not! My extremely clever IT Elf, Fleti Tinselbottom, have made it possible for you to come to me!

Yes! When you visit the Grotto in The Mall, I will be able to talk to you on a huge screen, and when I touch the magic button, you will be in The North Pole too!

We will have a lovely chat. You can tell me how good you’ve been this year and what special present you want me to bring you this year.

So, because we cannot have any queuing this year, everything has to be booked and paid for on-line.

Now how do I book to come to see you, I hear you ask! Well it’s really quite simple! Just click on the button below.

Follow the instructions, and in no time at all, we will be chatting. So in the meantime, don’t forget to make a list of presents you would like me to bring you this year.

If you want to draw a picture or write a letter for Old Santa, ask Mum or Dad to photograph it on their phone and send it to me at:

Ho! Ho! Ho!